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Dec. 10

Well San Antonio really doesn't know what winter is like. Its cool, its chilly, but it is hardly as bad as can be. The worse part about the cold here is the wind. Now that part can get to you. Though we get colder temperatures in Seattle, they can get a wind here that makes it much worse. But at least here it doesn't stay this cool for long. This past week its been cool, a couple of nights near freezing (not below), but the middle of next week its supposed to be in the mid 70's. This definitely is not Seattle.

Now for the house. Work has been started. Fri. they preped the master bath for work and Sat. they came in and put in a new access space in the ceiling. They'll be back on Mon. to continue that and get started on the master bathroom ceiling. On Tues. they will start the kitchen ceiling. The house is a mess but I figure that's okay. When they're done this will be nice. Also on Mon. we are supposed to have a crew come in and get started on th…