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I have a new toy - a smoker/grill

I got a new garden toy. I got a smoker/grill, and yes my husband put it together. I had to help as it really is a two person job. Here's what I got:

I picked it up at Home Depot. Its small, since I don't cook for large crowds, and it was inexpensive, since its for me to learn. I'm glad I went this way.

Things I've learned so far:

You will go thru more charcoal briquets than you think. I lot more! I did chicken thighs last night and it took me quick a while (over 2 hours) since I didn't use enough briquets. I added more briquets every 30 minutes, so I went thru a lot of them. Also, its helpful to figure out an easier way to add briquets. I found a small pail that I used to scoop the briquets from the bag into the side box. But it took so long I actually had to finish the thighs inside on the stove. But they still came out well.If you get an inexpensive grill/smoker, don't use wood - use briquets. I put soaked wood chips and that was fine. But I put in some dry wo…