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Yes we have another cold front

Last night we hit a low 30. And for tonight they are saying a low of 28. The next few evenings will be cold. We are expecting everything from 25, 38, then down to 27 and even 21 degrees at night. Ironically, most of the days will be in the 50's. Only next Tuesday will be cold all around. Next Tuesday we expect a high of 32 with a low of 21. But by next Thursday we should be just cold - high of 43, with a low of 37. Now that is all due to change depending on the weather, but all in all not too bad. Especially since by next Friday, a week from today, the high will be 64.

Just Texas winter weather.

A new cold front

We have a new cold front coming in. I was out at a lesson, and in the time it took me for my lesson the temperature dropped a good 10 degrees. Withing a short while after that the wind picked up. We've gone from 68 to 42 in about two hours. They are saying tonight will get cold - down to about 32. Tomorrow daytime will be mid 50's, but tomorrow evening will be about 29. Then Saturday night should be even lower - 24 degrees at night. The days will stay somewhat moderate, but the nights should be cold for the next few evenings. By a week from now the evenings should be above freezing. We'll see what happens.

This is just the way winter works here in central Texas.