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Yes, its been a while.  I know.  I haven't posted as much as I should.

So what's been going on here?  Well, we've had some cold weather.  We had a week long cold front with night time temperatures down to 24.  Some day time temps that barely made it above freezing.  It kept us cool/cold with temperatures around 30 degrees below our normal.  But it has had one advantage - my tomato plant has finally died.  I was going to keep it wrapped up and warm but I decided not to.  I don't want it in that same place next year - its in a plastic raised planter.  But the planter got moved from one stop to another, and its not in a good spot at the moment.  So I left it unwrapped and let the cold freeze the plant back.  Its not a nice dead looking plant.  Now I can try to get the tomato cages out of it.  The tomato plants had grown into the cages so well I couldn't get the cages out until the plants died.  So now when we get some warm day I will go out and pull up the cages.  Al…