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We're back

Yes its been a few weeks, and I've been gone out of town, out of the country.  And much has changed in that time.

Yesterday the weather was in the low 80's, today we probably won't hit 60.  It's 3:30 in the afternoon and only 57 degrees outside. The tree leaves are changing, at least for those trees that can change.  The nights have cooled down too - last night got down to 47. So we have had a definite weather change.

Now for the good news.  We had a neighbor's son water the outside plants while we were away.  We lost nothing.  Everything has survived.  Not only has everything survived, the outdoor tomato plant has two tomatoes, kind of large tomatoes ripening on it.  It does need some support but that's okay.  I had watered my few indoor plants well when we left.  They all survived well too.  Admittedly my dish garden needed water, there were just a couple of dropping plants in it, but not many and nothing was even close to dying.  So all in all, I think it we…