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Last night was cold

How cold was it? We hit a low of 20.5 last night. We were lucky this morning to find we only had one pipe that broke. It was a pipe for the rain water. But of course its still broken, and its spraying water. We turned off the pump attached to it but its still slightly spraying. We had an insulated grocery bag that was falling apart. So we cut the lid off, then cut the bag open so that we could cover the break. I'd rather have it covered since tonight we are supposed to get back down into cold again. The last thing I really need is for this pipe to continue to break - that would be a really bad idea. I'm hoping that with DH helping me, and hopefully remembering more information we can get this break fixed. 

I hope this will work. Really hope.

Tonight, Monday night we are due for a low of 28, then we will warm up above freezing for the nights.

Sorry its been so long

I  did a dance competition at the end of September, then a couple of weeks later we left for a cruise. We got back from the cruise the end of October, and a couple of days later my other half took ill. He's been ill since then and unfortunately the garden has been on the back burner.

Its now mid December. We had a cool night, almost freezing the other week. But last night we had our first official freeze. Yesterday, Saturday Dec. 17 we had a high of 75 degrees. Though the low didn't hit until this morning, we bottomed out at 23.5 degrees - a 50 degree drop. And this lovely cold is due to stick around a couple of days. Today, Dec 18 we hope to hit the mid 30's, but then drop slightly lower for the night. Yes, we are bundled up and prepared to stay home the next couple of days.

Welcome to Texas weather.