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Last week rain

We came to a grand total of 9.7 inches of rain last week. The good and bad - the temperatures have cooled down and stayed cool, and we are due for more rain.

First the temperatures. Before the rain, we had hit our highest yearly temp here at the house - 102. Now our high temps are in the 80's, and at least one day we barely hit 80. The nights have been nice hovering around 70 or just below. So the weather has been wet rainy, but easier to deal with. Granted the humidity is pretty bad - when its almost 80 and raining, the word humid just doesn't seem to do it justice.

They say for the next 10 days we still have some chance of rain. The forecast is all over the place - some sites say low chance of rain, maybe 25%, other say days of rain, days of no rain. Looking out the window right now it is dark dreary and looks like rain is possible. Maybe we'll just get light rain, not heavy showers. We'll find out.

With all this rain gardens are getting lovely and green. Oddly thoug…