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First potato harvest

Yes we have potatoes. We had planted potatoes in bags. They are a thick felt feeling material, so they could easily dry out. With all the rain we have had, they didn't dry out. We did 3 bags. This is the first bag where the tops have dried up so I took a chance and dug in.  It may not look like a lot of potatoes, but since this is the first time I've been able to harvest any, I consider it a success. The last time I planted potatoes, the squirrels got them. This time we made a cage to put around the bags to keep the squirrels out. It worked. I expect we'll harvest more potatoes in the coming weeks. 
I only recently realized that we could have grown them in the pots differently. I recently saw a method where you start the potatoes in a half filled pot and as the potato grows you add additional dirt. From what I gather, this will give you more potatoes as they fill the pot with more potatoes. I just put the starts on top and let them grow. When I harvested the potatoes, I o…

Rain again

It had been a fairly clear day, with light puffy clouds. Until about 20 minutes ago. In fifteen minutes it dumped half an inch of rain. It came with lightning and thunder, some seemed rather close.  And now it seems to be gone. That's not to say it may not come back,