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We're goin' to Vegas Baby!!  A friend and I are going to Las Vegas week after next for a shopping trip.  I haven't been to Vegas in a few years.  I'm getting excited! I even got tickets for a show. OHHHHHHmy.  This will be fun.  And the really fun part - no husbands, no kids.  Now how's that for fun?!
I feel bad.  I think I killed a frog/toad today.  I was watering the plants.  One plant, in a pot, was sitting in another pot so it could get a good soaking.  Unfortunately I didn't realize there was something in the bottom, picked up the pot and dropped it back into the outside pot.  Later I went to check the pot, to drain the excess water.  And there was a frog/toad, not moving.

I didn't mean to do it.  I know we have these frog/toad around the property.  I often find them in pots or under pots.  I just never know where or where I will find them.