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We're back to warm

We've had some warm, moist, humid, cool, stormy weather. Like that! We went from 60's to just above freezing, and back up to warm. We had dry, to humid, to rain, storms, and back to dry in the space of a week.

My garden is trying to grow with this warmth. I didn't really get to cut back my fruit trees, so we'll see how they do this year. The apply trees are full of blossoms and when I was out there today it was just buzzing with bees. The plum trees look like they are getting ready to blossom too. I'm not sure if I need a pollinator for the Santa Rosa plum, but I may look into that. We have yet to get any plums from it. Though we did get a couple one year, the bugs or something got to them before we could.

Last week since we have some dry days I turned up the soil in the veggie beds. This week I put in seed. I planted:
beetbroccolicarrotonionpeasbeanssweet pepperswiss chardspinach I need to get some lettuce planted too. This time I may put them in barrels instead of…