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Current rain update

Last night we topped out at .89 by midnight. Today had been light clouds, fair weather. But that was not to last. Just before 7pm we had rain. Not too much thank heavens, but another .29 inches. The current rain fall for the week is just over 5 inches. That's a lot of rain for this time of year in this location. I think even some of the plants are getting a bit water logged. Not much we can do about it.

And summer is still coming.

Another evening, another storm

Yes, we are back in flood warnings. In less than an hour we already have crossed 3/4 inches of rain. How much more rain we will get between now and morning we will find out. There's been lightning, even though I haven't heard much thunder. But I'm sure we'll get more rain than just this. I'll let you know tomorrow.

Another day...

another inch and a quarter of rain. Yes, early this morning we got 1.25 inches of rain. Where we are not flooding due to we are on high ground, roads around us are closed due to flooding. And the bad news - possible rain this evening and more rain Friday and Saturday.

Rain dancers, either slow down or take a break.

Sorry for the bad color

Apples are ready for picking. At least some of them are. They are so ripe you barely handle them and they come right off the tree.

The Gorilla tape plum didn't produce many fruits, but one had ripen and fallen. We picked it up and sampled it. It was good! I am definitely hopeful for next year's harvest. It may be that the trees just needed a couple of years to grow.

Another night, another rain fall

Yes its Memorial Day and we had rain this morning. Around 7AM we got just over an inch of rain - 1.18 inches. Then the day become blue skies, humid but nice skies. Though to be fair we're down to about 50% humidity, so its not as hot and sticky as it can get. But they are saying more rain this week. We'll see. And yes, the plants are happy.

This is what the boys had fun doing when it wasn't raining. Chipping and shredding the limbs from the cleaned out trees. The trees are happy too.