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What a lovely cold front.  We hit a low of 21 last night.  They had forecast a low of 26, but we hit that around 4-5 PM yesterday.  But this morning is lovely, and we've warmed up to all of 31degrees by 11:30 AM.  Tonight they are saying a low of 31 degrees with a 50% chance of rain/freezing rain.  And we're supposed to hit a high of 47 today.  So it will be a roller coaster weather the next few days.

And again, no gardening for me.  Glad the plants are covered.

Just a side note, I've already had a few irises blooming, purple irises.
We had a lovely mid-70's degree day yesterday.  Today it has dropped from 69 to 48 in about an hour, this morning.  And now we have rain.  Tonight it due for a cold low of about 29 degrees.  We had 80 degree weather just the other day.  The other day when we had the cold come thru I had covered the plants out back.  I had not uncovered them.  Now I'm glad I left them covered.

Weird weather.

I guess no gardening for me today.

Update:  Its 12:30 and it has dropped to 38 outside.  And we've now had 0.35 inches of rain.  Like I said, weird weather.

2nd update:  its 4pm and we have gotten down to 32.  Now they are saying a low of 26 for tonight.  Cold evening here tonight.