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Guess what!! I think we actually got a light dusting of snow last night.  It didn't last, but you can see this fine, and not quite so fine line of white in the angles of rooflines.  So I think we actually got a little bit of snow sometime last night.  I'm not sure if we actually got rain too, but it is wet outside. Its still pretty cold out there, so until it warms up its probably not the best place to go driving.
Weather update - They are saying we may be in for an actual winter weather event.  What is that you ask?  Possible snow/sleet tonight.  Right now I'm not so sure it will happen up here where we are, but you never know.  I'm sure it would be unusual.  On the other had, if it actually happens, I wouldn't want to have to drive up or down our driveway.  Our driveway is just too steep and I could see it getting treacherous. This new weather is due to hit tonight and last thru tomorrow, Friday, around noon.  We'll see.
Wicked weather.  We've been cold, cool, and still no real rain.  The weather has been up and down, some cold and cool days - right now at 8:30 am its all of 35, after a low of 32.  We've even had some below freezing nights.  But not any real rain.  I say not any real rain because the other day we had heavy fog - the houses across the street were mere shadows.  That much moisture registered on the rain gauge, but no rain fell from the sky.  So the water catchment tanks didn't get any new water.  So I can't say it really rained.

And with some of these cold days, the humidity has varied widely.  One day it was cold and blustery, very windy, and the humidity level was down to 11% - that is dry.  Right now humidity is 78%.

But the holidays were nice.  We saw some family on Christmas Day.  Then the day after Christmas we went to see some other family here in Austin.  That day it was so cold I wore one of my down jackets.  That's how cold it was around Christmas.  By New…