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We've had a cold few days here.  But yesterday we hit the mid 60's and today, Friday, we made it to 81 degrees briefly.  And we should stay in the mid to high 70's for the next week.  How's that for weird weather.

But I took the time today and started planting a few things.  I put in:

Sugar Ann Snap PeasChampion RadishLettuce Master ChefBroccoli Major HybridCarrot Scarlet NantesLittle Marvel Pea
We'll see what if anything comes up.

I also took some time to slash at the cactus.  We have a cactus patch I'm trying to keep under control.  It has spines so I'm not trying to let it grow.  I'd rather kill it off.  We have cactus in other areas of the yard, but this patch is just in a bad spot.

Another lovely day in paradise.  Yesterday we hit the low 70's, it was nice and sunny outside.  Today not so much.  The temperature dropped over the evening and has been sitting at a nice cozy 38 degrees since about 7AM.  This may well be our high temperature for the day.  Tonight its supposed to drop to about 33, then tomorrow's high should be about 38 with tomorrow low of just below freezing - 30.  By Thursday we should be low 60's the Friday in the 70's.  Not sure if this is our last cold front of the season or not.  Time will tell.

But with the warm weather we did get a grid down on one of the beds.  We ran out of stakes so I need more of those.  We didn't exactly do them as one foot square blocks, like those used in square foot gardening.  The garden beds are roughly 4 feet by 10 feet.  Roughly.  They actually measure more like 4'2" by 10'5".  And those measurements are rough since the walls are actually made from blocks that are not exact.  …
Its been a cold past few days.  Today, Saturday, we've begun to warm back up.  Thursday never really warmed up at all.  It just stayed cold, below 32/freezing cold. Yesterday, Friday it took until the afternoon until we got above freezing.  Then last night stayed just above freezing, 34 for the night.  But today since about 7AM it has begun to warm up.  Its about 12:30 PM, just after noon and we're already up to 56.  Its still cool but not as cold as it was a few days ago.

So now maybe its time to start thinking about the planters.  I need to get actual measurements for the four planters.  Then I need to start thinking about what I'm going to plant where.