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Still Cold

It sounds like an ice machine out there. We have icicles hanging from the bird feeders, from railings, and from all sorts of items. Earlier we got up to 33 (low was 30), had some rain, and it sounded like an ice making machine here on the front porch. You could hear ice melting then cracking, then running down the drain pipes outside. It was almost funny. But with any luck we should hit 55 tomorrow.  I'll believe it when I see it.

It Is COLD!!

Yes, we hit cold - the low last night was 20.8 here at the house.  THAT'S JUST PLAIN COLD!!

And it looks like we will be cold the next couple of days. Like just above freezing cold. And they say possible rain. I hope we don't get the rain even if we are cold.

2015 growing list

Weird weather the past few days.  How weird, you ask. Sunday night hit a low of 27. Today, Tuesday we had a high of 75, and tomorrow night, Wednesday night we are due for a low of 22.  Definite swings in temperatures.

Pat came over last weekend and help with some yard work. He worked on the trees some more and turned over a couple of the veggie beds. Since all the tomatoes are finally dead and pulled out of the ground, I figured we should turn the soil over. That take a good back, strong arms, and a pitch fork. I don't have that strong of a back, nor that strong of arms, we do have the pitch fork. I worked the small corner where the basil was (should be for salad lettuce), and worked the beds around what is still growing (some lettuce, onions, asparagus). Today I did a little more work in those beds and put some lettuce seeds in the area around the other lettuce. I figured now is as good as any, especially since the lettuce is growing still. I also transplanted a few lettuce plant…