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What a difference a day makes.  Yesterday the temperature hit 100, today it is noon and we are just barely 80 degrees outside.  We will not come close to yesterday's heat.  And tonight they are saying the lows are going down into the 60's.  I won't call it a cold front, though I suppose technically that may be accurate.  But it is definitely a cooling trend.  And the nice thing is the 10 day forecast  shows the weather staying this cool.  We'll still hit the 90's but more along 90-91-92, not 99 or 100.  We have a breeze too and it feels nice outside.

Well tomorrow I leave for Vegas!  I'm getting excited.  I'm all packed, printed out my boarding pass, getting some cleaning done.  Bill is not really looking forward to my being gone, but he has enough work here to keep him busy.  I don't think he'll really notice my absence too much.  He'll survive.

I went to Home Depot the other day.  They had mint plants.  I've been looking for mint all summe…