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Oh how my garden grows.  

These were summer squash seeds I put in a pot in the greenhouse.  The dates of the pictures are accurate.  Good thing I only planted 4 seeds.  I didn't expect but 1 or 2 to come up.  Now we'll see how they make it thru the spring and summer.

This is a before and after of oregano.  This is a pot I had from last year.  It wasn't doing much.

 But it is definintely picking up this year.

I admit, I don't remember if this is peas, but I think it is.  I set it from seeds.

So it looks like the garden grows better then last year.  I admit last year this time we were not in the house.  So last year plants that got started, even in pots, started late, usually in the heat of summer.  That anything survived is amazing.   I even had a geranium in a pot that looked like it died.  Well its now got small leaves coming back up.  I'm tickled.