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I know, its been a while since my last post. Its now the end of March.

In late Jan. through mid Feb. we were gone. Had a cruise, a trip to WA, then another cruise. We were gone almost a month. It was interesting living out of a suitcase that long. It was fun packing too. Cruises to warm places then a week and a half in WA with snow still melting. At least we had clothes in WA that took care of most of the cold. So it wasn't too bad. The only bad part was I got sick the day after we landed in WA. That flu was the pits. It took a couple of weeks to get all the way over it. It just wanted to linger.

Then we got back to TX and had a business meeting. I was expecting a low key, casual meeting. Two days before the meeting they mention that all the men will be in suits - not exactly casual. I had to scramble a bit for clothes but the meeting was interesting and I'm glad I went. No I'm not a man, but the women were dressed for business too so I really couldn't we…