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Weird weather

Forgive me.  Yes we've got some lovely weather, but next week, Tuesday is a low of 29 with a wintery mix. Who knew. But today is a nice mid 50's, tomorrow (Friday) is mid 60's, then Saturday is mid 70's. Sunday and Monday are back into the 60's then Tuesday and Wednesday are cold nights.   I have to remember to cover the strawberries back up, and cover the seeds too.

Okay, spring is not quite here yet.   But its working on it. All the fruit trees have buds on them and the lettuce is growing nicely. So spring is coming, or at least trying to.
Weather is changing here in Austin.  Its warming up, nights are in the 40-50's, with days in the 60's.  This morning we have fog, but its still 50 outside. And we've got sunshine most days. I expect this fog will burn off to a nice day. The weather forecast says next week we might have a couple of cooler nights - down near freezing.  We'll see if that holds up.

I've put some seeds in the yard, and started some in pots. Its been peppers and tomatoes at this point. I've started using an iPhone app by Burpee that gives me a list of when to plant what. And according to it its time to start putting in seeds and plants. So I'm going to give it a try this year and see if I do any better.