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First freeze

We left Mid October for a trip, gone 3 weeks. We left, and the rain began. The house got rain, enough to fill our almost empty water tanks. It almost kept the temperatures in the mid 60-70's. The plants loved it. We came back to happy and healthy plants. I don't think we lost anything.

Then last night, we got our first freeze. Last night we hit a low of 31.8 degrees. We are due for the same tonight. It looks like the weather is changing. We'll warm up for a few days, then nights will cool down. They aren't expecting more freezing nights, at least not in the 10 day forecast. Most nights will be in the 50-40's.

We were lucky enough to have our friend come help cover plants before the freeze. He also picked the produce we had ready or ready-ish to pick. He picked a lot of green tomatoes. I'm thinking of trying to make pickled green tomatoes. I found a recipe online that looks easy enough - greens tomatoes, jalapenos, garlic, and then a brine. I might try it with a…