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Yes, I know. Its been a while. We made it home from our trip. The trip was great - wonderful cool weather, good food, good company, and fabulous new places.

What we came home to wasn't quite so fabulous. Apparently it was hot while we were gone. Triple digit hot. So since we were not around to give plants the extra water they needed, we lost stuff. The cucumbers are toast (yup that's what they looked like) as were some of the squash plants. Apparently one of the connectors came undone, so out of about 8 squash plants only 2-3 sort of survived. One is doing okay, but I'm not sure the other two will survive. And the corn is entirely dead. Oh well.  Did not lose a single tomato plant, but they were a bit worse for the wear. And some of the strawberry plants didn't make it - not enough water.

Now that we're back I am watering some of the plants to see how well they'll survive. Also we've cooled down to the low 90's (that's Texas for you, low 90's is…