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Well, we made it through July 4th. Its been really strange weather. Its still been cool, more aptly put cold. It rained July 3rd, so I'm sure that made the firefighters happy. On the fourth we had a slight drizzle, but not much. And so it was cool, not really warm. Today, the 7th, it still hasn't really warmed up. Hopefully it will. They said we should have warm weather this week. I'm hoping they are right. It would be nice.

Friday, 7/11 is the start of the sales of the new iPhone 3G. I'm not sure if I will be in line to get one or not. They have not yet said much about how they are going to handle these sales. But the rumors are bouncing around like balls about how they will handle it. Some rumors say they will be open early, like 8AM. Some rumors say they will only allow one per person, who knows. But dear hubby may be the one waiting and standing in line for them. We do want to get them for each of us. But we'll see what they will allow us to do…