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Well, cold front didn't last

Its almost December and the temperatures are in the balmy 70's, some days hitting 80. The garden is growing, squash is still on the vine, even the roses are still blooming.


Well, winter will show up some time. We've been preparing the yard for its arrival. We've begun pulling up the tomatoes, removing the beans, and putting in new seeds. We've been moving plants around. We have some dead trees along the fence line, they need to come out. We have some trees around the fruit trees that also need to come out. Since the fruit trees are doing well, no reason to keep shade or wind trees around them for protection. So the spare trees are being taken out and planted elsewhere. Actually the spare trees are being moved to replace the dead ones along the fence line. Seemed a reasonable action.

I admit I have a fear. We're having such mild weather, I'm afraid when winter comes it will hit with a vengeance. Even if we only get cold weather for a sh…