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A New Low

We hit a low this morning/last night of 17.4. That's low for anywhere. We're supposed to warm up to 42, but drop down to a low of 24 again tonight. Crazy Texas weather. Not sure what all has frozen, but I'm sure we lost plants. I'm hoping we didn't lose too many pipes too. Plants are so much easier to replace than plants.

New notes:
Plants to sow indoors or under covers:
summer cabbage, celery, eggplant, leeks, leaf lettuce, onion


Our high today was at midnight. Its now 4pm and the temperature is dropping again. We got up to 30, but its now down to 28. They are saying tonight should get down to 20. It will be interesting to see if we drop below that.

Tomorrow will hopefully be warmer during the day, but tomorrow night will be cold again.

Cold again

Yesterday we hit 60, but last night we dropped to 25. The next couple of days should e cold. Day's will be cold - today we should be just above freezing. And tonight they are forecasting 21. Tomorrow they say we'll get up to low 40's, maybe 42, but tomorrow night should be another 21 degree night. Then it warms back up. Crazy weather. Let's hope this time nothing freezes.

Our last freeze about 2 weeks ago, one pipe for the rain water did freeze. We were able to get Pat to fix it. Pat came over last weekend and did some work. He actually got a lot done, which I'm very glad about. I'm just hoping we don't lose any more pipes in this freeze.