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Second growing season begins

As I mentioned previously I get emails from Old Farmer's Almanac. They send me planting reminders. Well, I'm beginning to get those reminder to start planting. So we now begin our second growing season here in Austin.

The current one I just received says to sow under cover or indoors:
broccolibrussels sproutskaleleek and I can plant garlic outdoors.

I guess I better go find kale seeds and get them in the ground.

Our day of calm

Wow! This week so far we've had over 8 inches of rain here at the house. Today should be a day of reprieve, no rain scheduled for today. But that's good, we need a day to dry out. And the weather services says today is our day for drying out as tomorrow we're back to large rain chances.

So how much rain did we have?

That pail was empty before we started with the rain. And this picture was taken just the other day. So we've had enough rain to fill the entire bucket. 
Like I said, the plants are well watered now.

Let the floods begin

Since about 4 this morning (4AM) we've gotten rain. Just after 4 it began raining, and by 9AM we have about 2-1/4 inches of rain. Now, at 4pm, we are at 3.6 inches of rain. We get a little, then we get drenching down pours. That's the story of our rain. This rain is due to continue, so I guess we'll continue getting flooding. The news has mentioned that Louisiana has been getting rain, they have flooding. Well, we may not have their level of flooding, but we are already getting notices of flooded streets here in the area. And of course they say another week of rain is due for us.

We'll see how bad it gets.

But the plants are watered. That's the good news.

More ...rain

Well, its been a slow light rain. Not the usual for Austin, but its good I'm sure for the plants. Last night we have about 1-1/2 inches of rain. Today, since midnight, we've had another 1.7 inches of rain. And the strange thing, we're due for more rain for the next week. Currently the forecast is 80% chance of rain, and cooler weather along with it. We've hit all of 73 degrees today as our high. Nice weather. Who knows how long it will last? But meanwhile we have happy plants.

Weather change

We've had days of hot weather. Even here at the house its been triple digit weather. Plants are dying here, getting brittle and brown. I've actually lost a couple of plants. We were gone as mentioned in my last month post, and many plants took a beating with the heat. And it hadn't gotten any better. Grass has been crunchy and dry in our yard - we don't water any lawn area.

Well, we suddenly got a weather change. In two days the temperatures have dropped from high 90's and triple digits to the mid 80's. Today we hit a high of about 85, and have fallen to 72 (as of my writing this). And it is raining.

Actually it began a short rain at around 6 in the morning. Its now the afternoon and its raining again. Our short rain this morning bare made it to 1/10th of an inch. Now we've got an inch, and its a light rain but still raining. I'm sure the plants are happy. With luck some of the plants will get what they need and come back.

At this point some of the toma…