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Yes, second planting season begins

According to the farmers almanac emails I am getting it is time to start planting again. Time for bush beans, beets, broccoli, cucumber, kale, squash, and tomato seeds to be planted. Since the weather has been nice I will plant on clearing some areas and getting some seeds in. Last week we had help from Pat and Pat did put some seeds in the ground. We were lucky enough to get some rain this week so the ground is well watered. Its also been warm, mid 80's, and some sun. I'd say this is good weather for planting. It also helps that we may be in for some (40-50%) chance of rain next week. So I'm thinking this is a good weekend to put some seed in the ground.

Crazy weather

We've had lovely weather lately. A few clouds drifting by, high humidity, but overall okay weather. Today we have Pat up helping out. Its been the same - warm, clouds, high humidity. Then all of the sudden the sky just poured. The fun part, it looked like it was raining out the front door, but the back yard had a bare sprinkle. That's our weather.

We did get rain in the back yard. The front yard went from some sun with light rain to pouring, can't see the neighbor across the way rain. Their house was just an outline it was raining so hard. Finally the back yard got wind and rain. It even blew a couple of buckets over. The wind gauge topped at about 25mph wind. So its rather strange weather. But it dumped rain, and is moving on, I think.

From what I can tell, in its short brief rain fall, this cloud dropped about a third of an inch. But who knows if this is all or if we'll get some more. At least the plants are happy.