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Sorry, its been a while but a lot has happened

A lot has happened. Jan 12th my dear significant other had a quadruple bypass. This was totally unexpected. Nobody may expect the Spanish inquisition (thank you Monty Python), and we didn't expect this. So far he is doing well. Surgery went well, he's been home healing, we were able to get a friend to come help (well worth the money) and he's even in cardiac rehab. Such a relief. But he's still healing, still can't lift over 5 lbs, and sometimes get exhausted easily. But he's doing better and that's what matters.

Consequently, the yard has taken a bit of a back seat.

But fear not we have not forsaken the garden. We did get a new walk path put in.

To give you an idea how unexpected SO surgery was we had planned for the walk path to be started the day he landed in surgery. But we had a landscaper do the work and it came out great. I have high praise for Abey and his group (Austin Creative Landscaping). They've been working in this yard since we bought the…