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Vegas was great!!  We did shopping, went to see a show, gambled a bit, we had a blast.  I enjoyed it immensely!  I want to do it again, maybe in February or March, or at least some time early next year.

The weather has been cooling down, at least for this area its cooling down.  The days have been high 80's and low 90's.  The nights are low 70's, even a few high 60's.  The other day we even had fog in the morning.  Granted, it burned off quickly but it was a definite change.

The deer have been coming out in droves.  There's another new fawn, still with spots.  Its so much smaller then the rest of the young ones.  And we've been seeing the bucks with antlers.  Not what I would call large antlers, and not large males.  But they've got antlers growing out of their heads.  Sometimes it looks like a bachelor party in the back yard.

But those lovely deer are eating my things again.  I had a small gardenia plant, it had been a house plant but I repotted it and it …