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Well, I am proud to say I made it through Thanksgiving. It was a success. My small turkey (looked like an oversized chicken) was just enough. No mashed potatoes but roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes did fine. Made a bit too much dressing, but that was all.

And now on to Xmas. I started my list of what to do for people. I haven't finished it, but at least I have a starting point. This Xmas I think family will get together and go out to a buffet. That would be easier. And I don't think anybody would mind.

We had to have thinning done on our trees once again. We had it done last year here in San Antonio. That was fortuitous since we had an ice storm last year. Many neighbors had tree limbs break, but we didn't. But we knew more work needed to be done. Well, we had it done. They look better, and the yard is getting more sunlight.

But today is just typical San Antonio - 68 and a bit of sprinkles (more rain possible). I wish it was cooler, but no such luck. We …