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The cold cometh

We have a good cold front coming our way. Its now Saturday evening, we had a high of 63, we've dropped down to 47 and its still dropping. The temperature is due to drop another 10 degrees tonight. Tomorrow, New Years Eve we're due to get down to 23. It doesn't get much better for a few days. Starting Sunday night, and on thru Thursday night the evening low will be in the low 20's. Monday and Tuesday during the day will be right about freezing. Welcome to central Texas winter.

At this time we're hoping we've got the entire yard ready for this cold. Pat helped get the yard ready. He drained hose bibs and drained hose lines. Today we went thru and covered those hose bibs that were attached to the house. We made sure the hoses are disconnected. We also looked for standing water and dumped it. That seemed like a good idea. With this kind of cold any standing water will freeze. And I don't want to worry about it freezing, expanding, and breaking something.

Since …

Merry Christmas

Its been an interesting month. I was gone early this month, and it snowed while I was gone. Not for long, but it was enough to stick. Apparently it went from record high to snow the next day. then it warmed back up. That is a true cold front. Well, we've gone from warm to cold. It dropped 30 degrees the other day. It went from the mid 70's to the low 40's.

That was on Friday. Last night Christmas Eve we got cold again. It got down to 30. We'll be cold, for Texas, staying in the 40's, and we're expecting rain. So it will be a cold rain. No great warmth coming this way for the next few days. At least the fruit trees will be happy. The garden has gone into winter time cold. That will be good.

I don't know how long this cold will last, but I'm glad it finally came. The only bad thing is with cold the mountain cedar will begin producing pollen. That's the way cedars are. They need cold, then a warm spell in order to produce pollen. And they those conditi…