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Its warm out there

Go figure. We've had a couple of cool nights, down to 33 last night, but now we are back to warm weather. Warm as in the 10 day forecast says highs in the 70's, with a possible 80 thrown in for good measure. That means the nights will be in the low 50's. Maybe rain on Christmas day, but we'll see.

Getting sorry we picked all the tomatoes. Though some of the plants I left look great. The bok choy never looked better.

Cold front

Ever wonder what they mean when they talk about a cold front moving in. Well hopefully this will help explain it.

This happened last night. Yes we had temperatures in the 70's most of the day, actually pretty much all day, then the temperature just dropped. Yes as the temperature dropped we got rain. About two inches of rain. What is interesting it we had a few cold days a couple of weeks ago, but mostly the weather has been nice. So far its been overall a fairly nice autumn. And that's not always good.
 We did have a previous cold front come thru a couple of weeks ago, but the cold didn't last. The concern is the almanac said it would be a cold winter. So far it looks like we might have nice weather for Christmas.

After the rain last night the skies have cleared up.

The garden took a beating from our previous cold front. The watermelon and other squash plants are pretty much died and gone. They got pulled out of the ground. Some of the tomato plants have been pulled too.…