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YIPEE!! We got rain!  We've had about 1-1/2 inches of rain yesterday and about an inch of rain today. Though I admit we've also had a temperature drop.  The other day we were in the mid 70's, almost 80 degrees, and today we barely made it to 64.  And the nights have dropped in temperature too. Last night we hit a low of 53, and at 8:30 PM we are already at 55.  I'm not sure how low we will drop tonight, but at least we got rain. Of this I am sure, we're not likely to drop to freezing.

And come Thursday, we are back into the 80's.  It is weird weather.  Flagstaff, AZ has a low of 33 tonight, and parts of Colorado may be getting snow. Kind of strange weather.

But the good news is my corn is getting tall, my squash plants have baby squashes, my salad patch has more salad then I can eat, and my tomato plants are growing up. My fig tree is growing, the grape plants have leaves, and one of my blackberry plants looks great. The other blackberry is still alive and oka…