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Today's veggie haul

I actually gave these away to a friend. Though we did keep a few of the carrots for dinner.  They were good. The carrots had been growing in a big barrel. So after harvesting I planted more seeds.

We were robbed last night

The squirrels made it into the corn. Anything close to ripe has been eaten. There are corn cobs strewn across the ground.

Consequently, the boys are now building a metal structure around the corn. Something that will hopefully keep the squirrels out. I sure hope so.  We lost last years' crop of corn to squirrels, I would like to get some this year. And the corn is growing, and it is starting to ripen. So I'm sure the squirrels are hiding out holding their stuffed bellies. I hope they get belly aches.

In response to these little nasty critters, the boys are building a metal cage around the corn. The cage is about 8 feet tall and covers the entire bed. They said they'll put in a door so we can get in and pick the corn.  I sure hope so. But we still still have something of a problem - can those nasties get under the cage? Can they dig their way under the bottom? That remains to be seen.

One other problem. The watermelons and cantaloupes are getting real cozy with the tomatoes…

Yes its raining again

It is 80 degrees outside and pouring. Its one of those short downpours. You know the kind - quarter inch of rain in about 10 minutes.   That kind.  Its only Wednesday and we've had 2.47 inches this week so far. Gotta love Texas weather.