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Texas weather

This is how strange Texas winter/spring weather can be. The other day we were happily in the 60's - 70's. Two days ago we had a high of 77, and yesterday was a high of 70.  Right now, 4:15 pm it is all of 36 degrees.  We've been having some rain (0.20 inches yesterday and about the same today), and it is a cold rain. Tonight they are saying a cold of 33-36. Yet tomorrow will be mid 40's and Friday will be 60. By Saturday we will be 70.

Unfortunately the pump for transferring water to the storage tanks isn't working. At this point all we know is there is a breaker or a GFCI that is popped and we don't know where it is. We did some searching and didn't find it. But since it is so cold and wet outside we will have to continue that search another day. Preferably when its warmer.

DH and I have gotten the plants out of the greenhouse and uncovered everybody else. We did that last weekend when the weather was warm. I was even able to pick up some strawberry crowns…