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It COLD out there!

This is what has to say:
"Temperatures dipped to a record-smashing 15º at ABIA, and 18º at Camp Mabry — the coldest since Feb., 2011. We saw rural valley thermometers on the LCRA network as cold as 1º in NW San Saba County."

We saw a low of 14 last night here at the house. So far the only thing I know that appears frozen is the  rain water. That is not flowing at the moment. It could be the pump, but I'm going to let the day warm up a bit before I go out and check it. 

Well the water did finally begin to run from the rain water. But we never got as warm as they said we would. They said 37, we got to 35. Its still cold out there. Its now 7 PM and already its down to 29.

It was so cold I had to go into the garage to put some stuff away. DH had left the garage door open and it was cold. It was so cold when I opened the door to the garage I couldn't breathe. At least all I was doing was dropping off empty boxes. So I dropped off the boxes in the garage, walke…

The cold stayeth

Last night we got down to 21.9. Tonight we might give down to 17. It will be cold.

Late last night we got rain. it was all of 35 degrees at the time, but it was rain. I was worried getting that kind of wet, then getting cold. This morning I woke up to find ice on the ground and on all the surfaces. The driveway was covered in a thin layer of what appeared to be ice and then we got freezing rain (?). It was like getting hit by little ice pellets that bounced when they hit.

Today we got up to all of 24 degrees. A friend came over and was able to drive up to the house.  Tonight though we will be cold and down to 17. That's just simply cold.

With luck tomorrow the day time high will get up to 39, but we will again have a low of 19. But by Thursday both the day and night temps will be above freezing. That would be nice.

The cold man cometh

Its just after midnight and the cold has arrived. Its now 35 degrees outside and light rain. We're supposed to get down to 28 tonight. Tomorrow, technically today, is to get to a high of 30 with a low of 19. I would say we have a definite wave of cold.

Originally Wednesday was supposed to be cold, barely above freezing. Now it looks like we may get up to almost 40. But the night will still be cold, like 29. The good news is by Thursday it should be warmer than originally stated. Thursday now looks like it should be 43 for a high, and a low of 37. And Friday look like its back up to 55. That will be nice. We will be leaving on Friday and its good to know the weather will be good enough for travel.

In the meantime I wonder what the morning will bring. We have wet on the ground now, and the temperature is still dropping. It should get own to 28 tonight so this rain could freeze and turn into ice. I know a few businesses have already sent notice that they intend to close tomorrow due …