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Go figure, the weather has been hot but plants are starting to pick up. My peppers have new leaves and my tomatoes are getting green. So I stuck a few seeds in the ground and we will see what happens. I put in some tomato seeds from a tomato I had and I put in a bean seed - don't remember off hand what kind of bean. But its still hot, and we still have a growing season to deal with. I also put some more herb seeds in pots. We'll see how those do too.

We also broke down and put up bird netting around some pots of mine. I figure if they start to flourish, or at least grow then I probably had a problem with them being eaten, but they are otherwise okay. Now for the eating part. If something actually manages to lift the frame and get underneath to the plants, its not a deer. I'm hoping its just deer, then the netting would keep it out. But we'll wait and see if that's all it is or not. I don't know. I'm pretty sure we have a raccoon, but I'm not …
The weather is not getting any better. It is hot, high 90's to low 100's. The nights are only getting down to about 75. Its tough to sitting or be outside just because of the heat. The plants are not thriving, but at least they are not dying. A few have died, but most are just staying the same. I have a yellow pear tomato plant with one tomato. But that poor tomato has yet to ripen. I think it may be just the heat.

 I have actually pulled a couple of the dead plants out of their pots. I had a tomato plant that was just a stalk so I pulled that out. I also pulled some of the parsley plants. They probably needed to be pulled sooner. But I have pulled the poor parsley stalks and put in new parsley seeds. Now the interesting thing - my basil seeds are doing well and growing. Not only that, the basil growing outside the greenhouse has not been eaten by the deer. Go figure.

 The deer have been eating the geraniums, most of the potted plants - dahlias, day lilies, ca…