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We're back

We just spent two weeks out of the country. We did a cruise out of Copenhagen, Denmark. It was a 10 day cruise on Holland America. I enjoyed myself...A LOT! We flew into Copenhagen about 2 days before the cruise, then stayed 3 days after the cruise. We were lucky enough to find a direct flight from our area straight to Copenhagen. That made the trip a bit easier - no worry about connecting flights. But it was also harder - 9 hour flight. At least we could sleep through part of it. And I must say SAS business class (expensive) was worth it.

We actually did the cruise with a group of people all interested in Opera. It was a group of about 75 people, that was just our small group within the cruise ship. We met lots of people. It was a lot of fun. We had a couple of group meetings and learned about "divas". We also had a couple of group excursions - in St. Petersburg, Russia to the Hermitage and to the Marinsky Opera house to see Tosca and an excursion in Helsinki, …