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Summer is not quite over

It is still hot over here. But this week we are due for some cooling weather - down to the 80's. And possible rain. But the real way you know the weather is changing - the tomato plants are coming back to life. I pull out the dead corn, cleared out the cucumbers, and cut back the marigolds. I need to cut back of the the melons, but it was just too hot. But this weekend I did some weeding and feeding in the garden. Which is good because it looks like its growing season again. It seems too hot, but I'm found a lot of new growth on lots of the plants.

Since I cleaned out dead stuff I went ahead and planted more seeds. I put in bok choy, beets, beans, acorn squash, fennel, carrots, and some broccoli. According to Mother Earth News app this is the time to start planting these guys. I also got some seed for cabbage, swiss chard, and onions. I'll put those in the ground tomorrow. I may put in some other things that should grow this time of year too. Some spinach would be nice. I&…