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Still finding the tomato hornworms on my tomato plants.  Now I'm killing them by dropping the worms in soapy water.  It seems to kill them - I can watch them die.  With the days changing, and the weather cooling (for Texas that is) my plants are growing gang busters.  The tomato plants have lots of tomatoes ripening.  At least I should say the tomato plants in the square planter have tomatoes ripening.  The tomato plants in the RW planter (retaining wall planter) never got a single tomato.  They also didn't get any hornworms either.  But this weekend I hacked the RW tomatoes down.   If they are not going to do anything, I'm not going to keep them.  I've started getting ruthless with my plants.  If they aren't doing anything, I'm pulling them out or just dumping the soil in one big pile.  They earn their keep or they are out of here.

The weather has been changing.  We get some occasional hot days but the days/nights are starting to cool.  Not much mind you, but …