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The weather has gone nuts.  In the past two weeks we've had rain.  Not light drizzle rain, think deluge.  For instance, last night we had well over 4" of rain in about 45 minutes at about 1AM this morning.  And about 10 days ago we had something similar, but over 5" of rain then.  This is Texas hill country type of land.  We have a little bit of soil, over rock.  The water doesn't just flow, it runs off this land.

We just came back from Home Depot.  On one of the road you could see where flowing water had deposited grass about a foot up a wire fence.  Some areas of roads are still covered in mud from water trying to drain away.  Yes, we need the rain.  And yes, it means the trees are getting a good watering as are the rest of the plants outside.  The deer now have lots to eat from all the new growth.  But that's a lot of rain in a very short period of time.

The other interesting thing about this weather, is our high temperature was at midnight - 74 degrees.  Ri…