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Happy Easter

Its been a while since I've posted. We're still in San Antonio though we did get back to Seattle for a week. Everything was fine there. The only not-so-good problem we ran into was my car. I drive a car that is a few years old (10 years old) and I like the car. But I had noticed a while ago (2 years or so) that depending on the weather, condensation builds up on the inside of the car. Not good. With the car in storage over winter we got back to find mold is starting to grow in some places in the car. The seats have a fine layer of mold and they are cloth seats. We are seriously thinking about replacing the car when we return this summer.

My hubby and I recently celebrated our first anniversary. Its been a long year but we've made it. Also he got me a Panasonic camcorder for an anniversary present. I've been playing with it. Its fun to play with. I have Final Cut Pro so between the two I should be able to actually make a video (SHORT!) and publish it on thi…