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Things I'm learning this summer.  I have two pots that do not have drainage holes - the strawberry pot and another pot.  Pot 2 has plastic taking up part of the bottom of the pot.  The strawberry pot is entirely filled with soil.  When we had our recent over and inch of rain, the strawberry pot was practically floating.  It actually had water sitting on the top of it.  I gently tilted the pot onto its side and let water drain out.  I hadn't realized the strawberry pot didn't have drainage holes.  I knew pot 2 didn't have hole, but I knew it had plastic in the bottom taking up some room.

I'm starting to wonder if holding water in these pots is not quite the bad thing during the summer.  Yes, the strawberry plants are getting some sun burn, but considering the heat of the sun and the fact the pot is sitting in direct sun with no shade - I'm not surprised some of the edges are getting burned.  But I wonder - if I don't put drainage holes, and put the pot somew…